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In today's market a significant amount of "junk mail" is delivered daily and because most people have developed an eye to spot junk mail, it's usually thrown away without ever being opened and read. Over the past decade we have learned that mailing personalized letters in personalized envelopes are not discarded upon arrival like most junk mail. People tend to open and read personalized letters. If the letters are being thrown away then so is your money!

People are not using the U.S. postal services like they used to. People now use the Internet to conduct the majority of their important and personal business such as banking, shopping, and communicating. Therefore the majority of the mail that is delivered to a person's home is primarily considered to be "junk mail". More than 70% of this junk mail will be discarded without even being opened and read.

A personalized letter is generally noticeable from the rest of the delivered mail. When a person receives a personalized letter in the mailbox they are more inclined to open it and read it. People are so used to spotting junk mail that when they do receive a piece of mail that looks like a personal letter, they are less likely to throw it away without opening it first.

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