We collect tax liens
Direct mail marketing campaigns that are efficient, addresses your goals and meets your budget.
We are one of the largest Federal and State Tax Lien compilers in the United States and we utilize over 650 court researchers and hundreds of other sources nationwide, to abstract tax lien data from over 3,000 counties in the United States. We started our specialized services in 1999 by assisting tax resolution professionals, which included CPA's, tax attorney's and enrolled agents, with customized tax resolution marketing projects. We provide a ONE STOP Shopping experience by providing tax lien lists and personalized printing and mailing services. All of our work is done in-house and from one location. We believe in providing exceptional customer service and quality tax lien lists and printing services to ensure that our clients gain the maximum results from their long term direct mail campaigns.


Our printing services are uniquely different from most print shops:
  • Mailers are personalized by mail merging the information from your mailing list
  • We print your delivery addresses directly on the envelopes, NO labels, NO window envelopes
  • We keep track of your undeliverable mail
  • We manage and clean your databases for FREE
  • Free CASS certification of all addresses before mailings
  • Regularly Scheduled mailing campaigns
  • Lists are generated and mailers are printed and mailed all from one location for fast processing
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For great quality and low cost marketing services, call 800-475-2571 to speak with one of our highly experienced sales representatives today!


Information Technologies provides custom tax lien lists combined with direct mail marketing services to Attorneys, CPA's and Enrolled Agents who have the capacity to help taxpayers resolve their I.R.S. and State tax lien problems. Our clients are typically small to medium sized businesses who want to add growth to their tax resolution business. Because this marketing approach is affordable and effective most businesses continue with this type of marketing on an ongoing basis.

You will save a significant amount of time and money marketing to this niche audience by purchasing a custom tailored tax lien list and using our in-house printing and mailing services. To continually generate new business we highly recommend mailing regularly, such as weekly or monthly, to newly collected tax liens.

You will gain a competitive edge by using our ONE Stop Shopping because we print and mail your letters all within one business day of generating your custom tax lien list. If you or your staff currently spends valuable time mail merging letters and stuffing and stamping envelopes, you can start saving time and money today by using our complete services.


We are able to mail merge any and all information from your tax lien list into your letters. Personalizing your letters to such a degree creates a mail piece that is well received and does not resemble junk mail. For example, the person's first and last names are used in the salutation of the letter to personally address the reader. Additionally, lien filing date , lien amount and document number can also be merged into the letter so that the reader knows that you have accurate and true information about their tax lien.

Your return address and the recipient's name and address are printed directly on the envelopes. We do not use window envelopes or labels. The envelope will appear to have been printed and mailed by you. We use first class "peel & stick" postage stamps, not a postage imprint, so your letters will NOT resemble "junk mail". This personal and professional approach will gain you more creditability which will result in a higher response rate.

We understand how important it is to the success of your marketing efforts to get the freshest tax lien records available; therefore we update our database daily to ensure you are getting the freshest data available.

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