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Our Consumer Mailing list is one of the most complete in the industry. With an average deliverability of 95% and 100's of attributes to help you customize a highly targeted mailing list.
Turnaround is one full business day from the time you have approved your order and submitted your payment or any required documentations. Our default file format is CSV but you may request to receive your file in dBase III, ASCI fixed width or comma delimited. You may also choose to receive your file in all caps or initial cap (default). The basic portion of the file includes the following fields.
  • Prefix title
  • Name (split into parts)
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Zip4
  • Delivery point barcode
  • FIPS county code
  • Carrier route coding
  • DSF walk sequence
In addition to the above information, your file will also include all the fields that you used from the "Basic Selects" group and "Premium Selects" group in customizing your list.
In addition to the Basic selects, our Consumer database includes 250 additional selects to help you customize your mailing list to a greater degree. Click here to see a list of our Premium selects and the cost. Any and all Premium selects used in creating your consumer mailing list will be included in the file you receive.
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Our consumer database has over 214 million records. This is one of the most complete consumer mailing lists since the 2010 U.S. Census placed the U.S. population between the ages of 15-80 at 215,413,000. Our Consumer Mailing list has an average deliverability of 95%. Although many list compilers have similar databases, the way that the data is compiled, the building or cleaning process, the source of data, and the geographical coverage are key factors contributing to the overall quality of the data.

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Our supplier rebuilds the entire database from beginning to end every two months and updates it once per month. This process begins with 800 million records from various sources such as the white pages, real property records and much more. All these records are processed via NCOA, DSF and LACS. All records are scrubbed against Deceased file, DMA's do-not-call and do-not-mail records, and the FTC's do-not-call list. Additionally, multiple steps are take to eliminate duplicate records and append each record with over 200 selects in a wide range of interests, habits, and characteristics. This process allows you to fine tune your mailing list and target the best possible prospects.


Following are basic selects that you may choose in creating your targeted Consumer Mailing list. These selects are included in your basic standard pricing.
  • Age range
  • Income range
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Households with children
  • Children's age range (this is considered a sensitive select, which will require a copy of your mail piece/phone script)
  • Children's gender (this is considered a sensitive select, which will require a copy of your mail piece/phone script)
  • Households with seniors
  • Address type (single family dwelling, apartments, rural route, PO Box)
  • Home value range
  • Homeowner vs renter
  • Year home built (range)
  • Length of residence
NOTE: Your list will only include the fields/selects from above that you use in creating your list. If you would like to receive the data on a select that was NOT used in creating your targeted mailing list from above, you must specify so prior to running your list.


Following is the cost for lists generated using Basic selects.
Minimum is $125/order
Quantity Price / Record
1 - 2,500 $0.125
2,501 - 5,000 $0.115
5,001 - 7,500 $0.105
7,501-12,500 $0.095
12,501-17,500 $0.085
17,501-22,500 $0.075
22,501-27,500 $0.07
27,501-32,500 $0.06
+32,501 $0.05
*Shown price is a list rental for a single use, please contact us for a
multi-use list rental.
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