We collect tax liens
Our Federal tax lien and State tax lien database is updated daily, five times per week. We utilize a network of over 650 court researchers and hundreds of sources to accumulate IRS and state tax liens nationwide.
Use a combination of the following parameters in selecting your leads:
  • Region: By state, county, and first 3 digits of the zip code
  • Filing date: A specific period, or from a certain date to current. Customers receiving regular updates will receive all new filings that have become available since their last update.
  • Type: Federal tax lien, or State Tax lien, or any combination. We do not collect county tax liens or lien releases.
  • Amount: Dollar amount of the tax lien. For instance; tax liens that are greater than $5,000 or dollar amount range such as $10,000 to $500,000.
  • Individuals vs. businesses: One or the other, or both. Note that business filings include corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships and all other types of businesses.
Each tax lien in your list will contain the following information:
  • Taxpayer's name
  • Taxpayer's complete address
  • County name, taxpayer???s residence (upon request)
  • Filing date of the lien
  • Dollar amount of the tax lien
  • Type of tax lien; IRS lien vs. state lien
  • Creditor's name; IRS in all federal filings, or the name of the state agency for state filings (if available)
  • Document number (available for most records)
  • Court name, where the lien was recorded (available for most filings)
Cost & Requirements


The price per record is based on the quantity of records purchased in a single order. Our minimum purchase is $75 per order. Please submit a count request to get an average quantity of records available based on your specific list requirements. We will have one of our experienced sales representatives contact you once the requested information has been emailed to you.
Data Servers


We are an actual collector and compiler of public record information, we are NOT a list broker. Our databases contain over 25 million tax lien records and is a great source for marketing. Our tax lien lists are used in a variety of industries such as tax resolution, credit repair, debt negotiation and much more. You can make a one-time list purchase or decide to receive tax lien lists regularly as they are collected. The tax lien lists are emailed within one business day of placing an order and are available in a variety of formats.


  • Accurate information collected directly from over 3,000 counties, nationwide.
  • Most current tax lien data available.
  • No duplicates; databases are subject to complex algorithms to ensure that you never purchase the same record twice.
  • Orders processed and ready for use within one business day.
  • Targeted mailing lists; easy to use and available in a variety of formats.
  • Same day tax lien letter printing and mailing services available.
  • Regularly scheduled tax lien updates available.
  • Competitive tax lien record pricing and one day turnaround time.
  • One time orders are accepted and No long-term commitments are required.


Complete coverage within the United States, includes all 50 states. See map above. We utilize a network of over 650 court researchers and hundreds of sources to accumulate IRS and state tax liens nationwide.


This only applies to customers receiving regular tax lien updates. You will be considered a regular customer if you make a minimum of one purchase per month. Your tax lien list is generated based on your specified list parameters and emailed to you on an expected set schedule. Each new updated list contains all of the new records that have become available since your last sent order. The frequency of this process is based on the average number of records purchased on a monthly basis. The average monthly volume is obtained by running "Sample Counts" using prior months data with your specified list parameters. With some exceptions, the following are the general guidelines for this process:

Note: The diagram to the right displays general guidelines used for setting up regular updates and can be modified to fit a client's plan based on coverage area and pricing.

0-600 records per month = monthly

601-1,200 records per month = 2 updates per month

+2,000 records per month = weekly updates
+6,000 records per month = 2 updates per week
+12,000 records per month = 3 updates per week
+ 25,000 records per month = daily updates
(5 updates per week)
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