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The design and presentation of a mail piece is more vital to the success of a direct mail marketing campaign than most businesses realize. The recipient of a mail piece will always see the overall presentation of your mail piece before reading its content. Quite often a recipient will make his or her decision to read or discard your mail piece based solely on its appearance.
Benefits of a well designed mailpiece
The design of a mail piece can have many subliminal effects on the reader. For instance, a professional design will add to your creditability, while a messy disorganized design will give the impression of an unorganized company. Keep in mind that design is one of the most important items in a mailing campaign with the smallest price tag. The cost incurred in designing an effective mail piece will benefit you for many mailings, which lowers the design cost even more. Postage, printing, and mailing costs, respectively, are the most expensive items in a mailing campaign. It is simply unwise to spend large sums of money on printing and postage and settle for a lower response rate just to save a little in the cost of design services. Our design prices are affordably priced even with the smallest budgets in mind.


We design a variety of products such as:
  • Logo 100% designed in the USA
  • Letterhead
  • Newsletter
  • Stationary
  • Postcard
  • Flyer & brochure
  • Business card
  • And much more...
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