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Our IRS & State tax lien data is collected daily from over 3,000 counties, nationwide, and contains some of the most in depth and complete information available.
  • Nationwide Federal & State tax lien leads
  • Custom-tailored lien lists
  • Tax Resolution marketing services
  • Dependable service & accurate information
  • Automated tax lien updates
  • Orders processed and emailed within one business day
  • Graphic design services
  • Same Day Printing & Mailing services
  • All services are completed from a single location
  • No Duplicate records guaranteed
  • No long term contracts or subscriptions
  • Experienced account managers
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We are one of the largest collector's of federal and state tax lien records in the country and we have over a decade of marketing experience, specifically, in the "Tax Resolution" industry. We are NOT a list broker; we collect IRS and State tax liens directly from over 3,000 counties, nationwide. We utilize a network of over 650 court researchers and hundreds of sources to accumulate these public records. We collect thousands of records per day and our database is updated daily; five times per week. Our tax lien database is a great marketing resource for companies who offer financially distressed businesses and individuals "Tax Resolution" services, debt relief, credit repair and other financial services.


Start your new marketing program by taking advantage of a FREE 30 minute consultation with one of our highly experienced marketing representatives. We will help you gain the knowledge needed to effectively reach your target audience and assist you with creating a custom lien list to meet your long term growth objectives. You will be informed of the expected average industry results over a reasonable period of time and changes to your program are allowed, as needed, free of charge. Changes to your program are often necessary for the success of your long term marketing campaign. Our marketing program is designed with a "ONE STOP SHOP" approach, from list generation to dropping your completed mailers at the local post office. This approach to marketing has saved our clients thousands of dollars in marketing costs and countless wasted hours of courthouse data retrieval, printing errors and problems, dealing with separate mailing houses, and the ability to be competitive in a challenging industry. Our goal is to help our clients gain continuing business, throughout their consistent marketing efforts, from direct mail marketing.


In order to present your company's products and services successfully and maintain a professional image with a strong presence in your particular marketplace, the focus of your campaign must be driven by an attitude of excellence. Using quality marketing products and services marks the beginning of your success. It is common knowledge that it takes money to make a business profitable. One of the most common errors a new business may make is not spending enough time and money on designing a high quality marketing image for the company. Consideration of how your marketing dollars are spent is necessary for a successful marketing campaign. A quality image starts with designing a company logo, letterhead, graphics, business cards, brochures, flyers, and any advertising material that reflects your company's professional products and services to be offered. We offer cost effective, high quality printing and mailing services along with personalized customer service and we pay attention to details. Our specialized services include, graphic design, fully mail-merged letter printing and mailing, custom letterhead, logo, brochure and business card design, as well as envelopes printed in real handwritten fonts and first class postage stamps.


For more than a decade, Information Technologies Inc has consistently helped small to medium sized businesses, all over the United States, in establishing and maintaining a steady market presence. With our combined interest in public record collection and our knowledge gained through practical experience in direct mail marketing, we have successfully designed a marketing program that gets results. With our "NO JUNK MAIL" direct marketing approach and our daily collection of federal and state tax lien records you can successfully compete for new "tax resolution" customers with confidence and immediate results. We offer a ONE STOP service for all of your new start-up or existing business marketing needs, including; tax lien list generation, graphic design services, a full range of printing and mailing services and exceptional customer service. The marketing process is started by determining the number of viable prospects that are available each month. Then realistic goals and expectations are set based on the industry standards for direct mail marketing to financially distressed businesses and individuals. Trying to incorporate marketing ideas from non-related industries will usually result in unrealistic expectations and disappointment. Offering "tax resolution" services is highly competitive, but well worth the effort.
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Information Technologies, Inc. is a CA based company and doing what is right has benefited our long term customers and has been the true success of our company since 1996. We operate our business with integrity and the best interest of our customers in mind. We have maintained long term business relationships with most of our client's for well over a decade. Our clients have learned that we are dependable and reliable and because of this have used this particular advertising medium to benefit their company's development. For more information on our products and services, call us today at 800-475-2571, and one of our sales representatives will contact you within one business day.
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